[TR24][OF] Чайковский - Щелкунчик (Andre Previn with London Symphony Orchestra) - 1972/2012 (Classical)

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babaev.v.p · 01-Авг-12 23:56 (6 лет 4 месяца назад)

Andre Previn with London Symphony Orchestra - Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker
Жанр: Classical
Год записи: 1972
Год издания: 2012 (2011-Remaster)
Издатель (лейбл): EMI Classics
Аудиокодек: FLAC 24bit 96kHz
Тип рипа: tracks
Продолжительность: 86:15
1 Miniature Overture 3:29
2 Decoration of the Christmas Tree 4:17
3 March 2:24
4 Children's Galop and Entry of the Parents 2:27
5 Arrival of Drosselmayer 5:43
6 The Nutcracker and Grandfather Dance 5:43
7 Departure of the guests (Clara and the Nutcracker) 6:36
8 The Battle and Transformation Scene 3:21
9 The forest of fir trees in Winter (Journey through the snow) 3:58
10 Waltz of the Snowfalkes 6:21
11 The Enchanted Palace of the Kingdom of Sweets (The magic castle) 4:30
12 Arrival of Clara and the Nutcracker 4:34
13 Chocolate (Spanish Dance) 1:11
14 Coffee (Arab Dance) 3:12
15 Tea (Chinese Dance) 1:07
16 Trepak (Russian Dance) 1:07
17 Dance of the Mirlitons (Flutes) 2:17
18 Mother Gigogne and the Clowns 2:57
19 Waltz of the Flowers 6:54
20 Pas de deux 4:57
21 Variation I (Tarantella) 0:41
22 Variation II (Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy) & Coda 3:29
23 Final Waltz & Apotheose 5:00
О мастеринге
This stunning audiophile download celebrates one of Tchaikovsky’s most beloved works, The Nutcracker. The ballet is an absolute masterpiece from start to finish. Under the leadership of acclaimed conductor Andre Previn, the London Symphony Orchestra blends clarity with flawless technique. Upheld to the highest standards, Previn delivered a masterful interpretation of this historic work complemented by the orchestra’s relentless commitment.
About the Mastering
Four engineers at Abbey Road Studios in London have remastered these historic EMI recordings from their original analogue sources for release in pristine hi-def. Between them, Simon Gibson, Ian Jones, Andy Walter and Allan Ramsay have many years of experience remastering archive recordings for EMI and other record labels. The process always starts with finding all of the records and tapes in EMI's archive in London and comparing different sources and any previous CD reissues. We consult each recording's job file, which contains notes about the recording made by the engineer and producer. For example, this sometimes explain why there is more than one set of tapes to choose from. All of the tapes are generally in good condition and we play them on our Studer A80 π inch tape machine, after careful calibration of its replay characteristics.
In order to have the best digital remastering tools at our disposal for the remastering, we transfer from analogue to the digital domain at 96 KHz and 24-bit resolution using a Prism ADA-8 converter and capture the audio to our SADiE Digital Audio Workstation.
Simon Gibson, January 2012
Thanks jahesh
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Longsal · 07-Сен-12 12:56 (спустя 1 месяц 5 дней)


большое спасибо.в высшей степени превосходное исполнение
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andorra123 · 30-Сен-12 09:58 (спустя 22 дня)


Dear Friends ! Please help me someone, how could I convert from SACD-R ISO format 88 or 96/24 bit FLAC files? I use Foobar2000, but I can adjust only the 24 bit, but the sample rate not, it seems standard 44 khz.
Thank you very much !
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kuts · 30-Сен-12 18:34 (спустя 8 часов)


in foobar
convert -> ... -> processing -> resampler
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mainstreamer · 17-Дек-12 15:05 (спустя 2 месяца 16 дней)


К тому же красивая обложка получилась
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af_vadim · 06-Окт-14 15:16 (спустя 1 год 9 месяцев)


Выражаю огромную благодарность. Великолепное звучание вкупе с прекрасным исполнением.
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uytre · 11-Мар-15 22:46 (спустя 5 месяцев 5 дней)


Сид, ты где? Проснись и пой..
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Gogast · 18-Мар-15 19:59 (спустя 6 дней)


Спасибо. Только нумерация без нулей, плеер расположил в последовательности 1 10 11 12 ... пришлось добавить нули.
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zullus1223 · 30-Авг-17 14:02 (спустя 2 года 5 месяцев)


Исправьте нумерацию файлов.
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hatbo · 31-Дек-17 14:27 (спустя 4 месяца 1 день)


Актуальная тема к НГ. Всех с наступающим!
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karinejohanne · 12-Сен-18 15:41 (спустя 8 месяцев)


Dear jahesh, do you happen to have HD tracks versions of André Prévin conducting The sleeping beauty and Swan Lake as well ?
I'll be ordering the SACDs shortly, but Swan Lake is very rare.
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