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Alex Mill · 10-Июл-18 22:28 (1 год назад, ред. 25-Ноя-18 08:56)

Illustrator CC 2018 One-on-One Mastery
Год выпуска: 07/2018
Производитель: LinkedIn Learning
Сайт производителя: lynda.com/Illustrator-tutorials/Illustrator-CC-2018-One-One-Mastery/696874-2.html
Автор: Deke McClelland
Продолжительность: 16:42
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоклипы
Язык: Английский
Описание: Adobe Illustrator, the powerful vector-based drawing program, offers functionality that you can leverage to create striking, unique works of art. In this course—the third in a comprehensive training series by industry expert Deke McClelland—you can learn essential concepts for Illustrator mastery, in a logical order, on a schedule that works best for you. Learn new shortcuts, smart toolbox customizations, and advanced blend mode tricks. Find out how to construct seamlessly repeating patterns, and how to create symbols and custom arrowheads. Deke also covers the logo-making features in Illustrator, the Libraries and Actions panels, 3D effects, and more. Each chapter should leave you with a new set of skills—and a sense of accomplishment.
Note: This course was revised for 2018. As Creative Cloud evolves, the training will be updated. Check back often for new videos, new feature reviews, and new ways to work.
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jamz.pulse · 14-Июл-18 14:19 (спустя 3 дня, ред. 14-Июл-18 14:19)

01 - Introduction
01-Welcome to One-on-One.mp4
02-Previously on Illustrator CC 2018 One-on-One.mp4
03-Oh, and one more thing Puppet Warp!.mp4
31 - Shortcuts and Customization
01-Becoming a lean, mean illustration machine.mp4
02-Installing my dekeKeys shortcuts on the PC.mp4
03-Installing my dekeKeys shortcuts on the Mac.mp4
04-Welcome to the dekeKeys PDF docs.mp4
05-Touring your new keyboard shortcuts.mp4
06-Restoring or customizing shortcuts.mp4
07-Tool, transparency, and panel shortcuts.mp4
32 - Blend Modes and Opacity Masks
01-The many forms of transparency.mp4
02-Adjusting opacity (now with shortcuts!).mp4
03-The A-list blend modes Multiply and Screen.mp4
04-The other modes Overlay through Luminosity.mp4
05-My dekeKeys blend mode shortcuts.mp4
06-The effect of color space on blend modes.mp4
07-A few advanced blend mode tricks.mp4
08-Applying blend modes in Appearance panel.mp4
09-Creating auto-inverting type with Difference.mp4
10-Carving dynamic holes with Knockout Group.mp4
11-Knockout Group and dyanamic attributes.mp4
12-Using the Isolate Blending option.mp4
13-Introducing the opacity mask.mp4
14-Putting an opacity mask into use.mp4
15-Applying belnd modes to entire layers.mp4
16-Adding Photoshop pixels to an opacity mask.mp4
17-Finishing up the tattooed face.mp4
18-Exporting transparency to Photoshop.mp4
33 - The Brushes Panel
01-Painting with path outlines.mp4
02-Introducing the Brushes panel.mp4
03-Applying and editing a calligraphic brush.mp4
04-Scaling and colorizing art brushes.mp4
05-Applying and customizing scatter brushes.mp4
06-Formatting and editing brushed type.mp4
07-Designing your own custom art brushes.mp4
08-Creating and testing your art brushes.mp4
09-Refining a brush to fit ends and corners.mp4
10-Expanding, filling, and stroking a brush.mp4
11-Type on path vs. text as an art brush.mp4
12-Distorting art type with the Width tool.mp4
13-Infusing your artwork with a pattern.mp4
14-Painting with bristle brushes.mp4
34 - Seamlessly Repeating Patterns
01-Patterns are for everyone.mp4
02-Introducing the automated Pattern Editor.mp4
03-The three tile types Grid, Brick, and Hex.mp4
04-Undoing and canceling unwanted edits.mp4
05-Creating a new pattern from an existing one.mp4
06-The Better way to duplicate pattern.mp4
07-Planning out a more complex pattern.mp4
08-Creating a single perfectly waving lines.mp4
09-Duplicating and blending your waves.mp4
10-Cropping a tile inside a clipping mask.mp4
11-Riffing off a complex pattern.mp4
12-Constructing a seamless denim pattern.mp4
13-Making your denim pattern look like denim.mp4
14-Creating a pattern brush with Auto Corners.mp4
15-Creationg custom start and end tiles.mp4
16-Putting a hex pattern to good use.mp4
35 - Gradient Mesh
01-If only Photoshop had this feature.mp4
02-Introducing gradient mesh.mp4
03-Using the dedicated Mesh tool.mp4
04-Creating a basic gradient mesh.mp4
05-Isolating a mesh object.mp4
06-Deleting unwanted, invisible mesh points.mp4
07-Releasing a gradient mesh.mp4
08-Converting mesh points from cusp to smooth.mp4
09-Sharpening or smoothing color transitions.mp4
10-Assigning a mesh to a bendy shape.mp4
11-Converting a linear gradient to a mesh.mp4
12-Converting a radial gradient to a mesh.mp4
13-Painting a soft objects with gradient mesh.mp4
14-Combining a mesh with a compound path.mp4
15-Expressing surface contours with a mesh.mp4
16-Painting contoured highlights.mp4
17-Blending multiple mesh objects.mp4
18-Using a gradient mesh to cast shadows.mp4
36 - Symbols and Custom Arrowheads
01-The benefits of using symbols.mp4
02-Introducing symbols and instances.mp4
03-Creating and naming symbols.mp4
04-Creating and replacing instances.mp4
05-Working with dynamic symbols.mp4
06-Dynamic symbols and backward compatibility.mp4
07-Dynamic symbols and dynamic effects.mp4
08-Introducing 9-slice scaling.mp4
09-Adjusting the guides for 9-slice scaling.mp4
10-Acquiring, trading, and previewing symbols.mp4
11-Using symbols as stands-in for master pages.mp4
12-Advanced symbols modifications.mp4
13-Editing the top-secret Arrowheads.mp4
14-Designing custom arrowheads.mp4
15-Saving your arrowhead design as symbols.mp4
16-Designing tinted arrowheads.mp4
17-Saving tinted arrowheads as symbols.mp4
18-Editing an existing arrowhead.mp4
37 - Charts and Pictographs
01-The pleasures and pitfalls of graphs.mp4
02-Graphing numerical data.mp4
03-Importing a tab-limited spreadsheet.mp4
04-Modifying data to create a category axis.mp4
05-Reformatting text and numerical values.mp4
06-Adjusting the Graph Type settings.mp4
07-Creating and applying a graph design.mp4
08-Setting the column type to repeating.mp4
09-Recreating a graph at the proper size.mp4
10-Customizing your legend.mp4
38 - Logos and Specialty Text
01-Illustrator logo-making features.mp4
02-Making a logo from one character of type.mp4
03-Creating a logo of interwoven rings.mp4
04-Weaving your rings into a larger ring.mp4
05-Whittling your paths with the Scissors tool.mp4
06-Gradient type and dynamic strokes.mp4
07-Using the Touch Type tool.mp4
08-Two ways to warp type.mp4
09-Creating letter-shaped gradients.mp4
10-Painting reflections onto letterforms.mp4
11-Multicolor fonts Trajan Color Concepts.mp4
12-Using stylistic sets.mp4
39 - Libraries and Actions
01-Save more time, be more creative.mp4
02-Introducing the Libraries panel.mp4
03-Managing, restoring, and sharing libraries.mp4
04-Sharing character and paragraph styles.mp4
05-Placing and editing library assets.mp4
06-Updating a logo across multiple documents.mp4
07-Sharing an asset with InDesign or Photoshop.mp4
08-Creating and using color themes.mp4
09-Introducing the Actions panel.mp4
10-Recording a custom multistep action.mp4
11-Four ways to play back an action.mp4
40 - Applying 3D Effects
01-The five advantages to 3D in Illustrator.mp4
02-Introducing the three kinds of 3D in Illustrator.mp4
03-Working in 3D space Pitch, yaw, and roll.mp4
04-Lighting and shading a 3D object.mp4
05-Beveling the edges of a 3D extrusion.mp4
06-Creating live, editable 3D type.mp4
07-Adding cast shadows to 3D type.mp4
08-Understanding the 3D Revolve effect.mp4
09-Using 3D Revolve to create a soda can.mp4
10-Mapping a logo or other arts onto a 3D Object.mp4
11-Enhancing 3D artwork with faux 3D effects.mp4
12-Combining a stroke with 3D Revolve.mp4
41 - Conclusion
See ya!
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Есть ли у кого-нибудь субтитры к этому курсу? Спасибо
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